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Learn how to combat the mechanical losses

Learn how to combat the mechanical losses and parasites that the electric motor shows

The electric motor suffers from four different losses that are classified as electrical losses, magnetic losses, mechanical losses and parasitic losses.

The electric motor mechanical losses occur when there is friction procedures, losses due to air opposition, and also ventilation. For this electric motor of the problem is reduced it is necessary to increase the iron section of both the rotor and in the stator and it changes when procedures with low friction and when the ventilation system is perfected.


When the parasitic losses occur, they are also called stray losses and occur due to the leakage flux, the current distribution is not uniform, mechanical imperfections in the openings for air flow and also when there are irregularities in the airflow density and to be drained through the openings.

This problem can be combated with the optimization of electric motor design.

Electric motor should be in the open and ventilation

The electric motor of four-stroke was developed smoothly, because then the durability of the electric motor will be prolonged if the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual are followed to the letter. The owner’s manual should be read before putting the electric motor in operation for damage and injuries are avoided.

Smoking is not allowed nor get near points generated sparks or flames when the electric motor reelcraft 5650 is being filled. The electric motor must not operate in open and ventilated environment, since carbon monoxide can be fatal when inhaled.

It is not yet allowed to be placed on any object on top of the electric motor so that there is a fire.

Not only the electric motor, but the exhaust pipe is hot when the engine is running and it gets hot for several minutes. It is important not to touch the surface while the exhaust pipe is hot.

Electric induction motor

Electric induction motor suffers from maintenance and mechanical losses

The electric induction motor when it is used efficiently has a very long shelf life, it has a robust and simple construction, but the moving parts are subject to wear are the bearings. check our magpowr prices

When the electric motor is maximum load requirement conditions and the ambient temperature is 40 degrees, the minimum useful life of the insulation there tends to decrease. As the electric motor is not always use extreme way, the life of electric motor bearings is usually more than 10 years to the electric motor that has lower power and 30 years for electric motor has more power.

The life of the electric motor always depends on a good system effectively with a preventive maintenance system, as this will include a number of measures to take care of all the electric motor of the compound.

Applications with electric motor

With regard to electric motor mro dodge applications it is very extensive, the fact that these machines are present in many different segments. Initially it was not so, the use of that machine was a little limited, but today it can already achieve a significant number of end applications.

We find the use of electric motors present in household appliances, vehicles, elevators and more. Because of having various types and models, this machine can be present in various types of products in which we use frequently in our daily lives.

It is interesting to follow the development of this machine, where it is possible to understand how it has gone through a significant evolution in recent years. It may be that this machine still earn significant changes over the years, by the fact that studies and research is being done about it, soon we will have news on this subject and some expansions about.

Find constructive characteristics of the electric induction motor

The construction of the electric motor should follow the rules that determine how the electric motor mro supply should be built, how much should have its dimensions, its protection, power and other aspects.

The Voges is one of the companies that manufactures electric induction motors and it follows the rules of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).

The ABNT that standardizes the manufacture of electric motor and which is followed by Voges is the norm NBR 5031. The electric motor has a box with side links that are placed after the designation during construction, indicate what will be the position of the compared shaft box.

You will need to have the front view of the junction box and the indication of the letter E when the electric motor shaft is on the left side of the junction box and the letter D should be when the electric motor shaft is on the right.

Locked rotor is common problem of single-phase and three-phase electric motor

As the three-phase electric motor, single phase electric motor has a rotor and that the rotor can burn and cause problems for the operation of the electric motor.

The locked rotor of the electric motor can burn when the electric motor suffers from the crash load axle, when the electric motor is having a hard time starting the electric motor and this can be caused by a high voltage drop, inertia or even the load torque that is too high.

The electric motor also suffers from overheating of the main electric motor magpowr popular winding. The winding burning may be due to the excess load that is on the shaft end; overvoltage or undervoltage in the mains supply, the cables are light fine or long; the cable connection is wrong or ventilation that the electric motor receives is deficient.

Electric motor W22 line has stiff feet on the front and back

When the electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy, the electric motor must have points of rigid support for these points to be able to withstand all the mechanical stress that the electric motor base is submitted.

Thus, the electric motor needs to be robust feet, but these legs will ensure that the electric motor further operation is more reliable when the electric motor is subjected to severe applications when the breakers are activated.

The electric motor of the W22 line has feet on the front and back and that creates mechanical rigidity to the whole electric motor. The feet of the electric motor are massive and this is what ensures that there is a better distribution of every effort that is required by the load. mro supply drives